Message in Space

⚛ This website gives you an opportunity to send a message which will travel in Space. It is a tested and functioning service. The maximum length of a message is 50 symbols. NFT holders have priority to send the messages and receive video and audio evidence of the fact of radio transmission.
➡ It is easier for us to review and convert your message if you compose it in English, as our system is currently optimized for this language. You may use one of the many online services to translate a message from your native language to English. However, you may submit your message in any language and we will do our best to translate it to English. Please compose your message responsibly. We reserve the right not to send any message that we deem inappropriate.


We are a small company of enthusiasts inspired by Space. We have developed a solution for sending online messages into Space using a relatively simple radio equipment. For transmission, Message in Space uses 446 MHz UHF radio frequency (wavelength of about 67.2 cm), which does not require licensing in most countries of Europe. The maximum allowed effective radiated power for this frequency is 0.5 W. The radio signal is transmitted directionally, using 6 element Yagi-Uda antenna with boom length of 1130 mm.


The Message in Space project explores the topic of METI (Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence⤴). While we could create a website with a purely theoretical discussion of this topic, we decided that a practical implementation of radio messaging into Space would be more interesting. For a start, we selected a simple radio transmission setup, which meets basic requirements for sending a radio signal into Space and can be operated without licensing. We propose to call it "Amateur METI" or AMETI.

As we go along, we intent to improve our knowledge of METI. We will review the history of notable past transmissions, current scientific progress and conversations with regard to the search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence and extraterrestrial life⤴ in general. We will learn more about radio transmission into space and what we can achieve with our simple equipment.

Moreover the website will be expanded to include various Space related information and discussions. We aim to approach the matter from a scientific standpoint, and where necessary, clearly distinguish our views from those presented in Sci-Fi and popular culture.


Transmission setup: 446 MHz, 0.5 W transceiver Midland CT410 (modified to extend the maximum allowed transmission time), 446 MHz Yagi-type (directional) antenna SIRIO WY 400-6N, Morse code converter, Text-2-Speech application, Sky-Watcher Telescope N 150 / 750 Explorer BD on NEQ-3 mount.

Our current strategy is to combine the received messages into a single audio package. For this package, we will use the opening and ending audio markers designed to highlight the whole transmission, as well as message-separation audio markers designed to highlight the individual messages within the package.

1) Collecting messages online.
2) Converting messages/texts to Morse code.
3) Combining the audio files into a single audio package ready for transmission.
4) Finding the target object in space using the Sky-Watcher telescope.
5) Aiming the antenna at the target object in Space and adjusting the transceiver.
6) Playing the audio package and transmitting it into Space.

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